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All You Ever Wanted

by Kate Plaisted

Released 5/12/2019
Released 5/12/2019
Fun Collaborations with Boise based musician Tom Taylor and LA Lyricist Roy Eisenstein
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Kate Plaisted "All You Ever Wanted"
Lyrics by Roy Eisenstein
Composition by Tom Taylor and Kate Plaisted
Recorded and produced by Tom Taylor
Mastering and final mix by Tim Starnes.

Summer Lover

by Twin Lights ft. Girl in the Garden

Released 09/30/2018
Released 09/30/2018
Summer Lover a collaboration with Twin Lights (A.K.A Mauro Castillo and Shane Krummick) out of Chicago. Twin Lights wrote and performed the music and Girl in the Garden wrote and performed the lyrics.


by Girl in the Garden

Released 02/08/2018
Released 02/08/2018

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